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Dining Table Base

Tulip dining Table Base is unmarked and is in the platinum color, it is a Base that goes above the Table and extends two leafy green tulips in front of it. The Table offers a nice look to it and is definitely designed for dining purposes.

Wood Dining Table Metal Base

This is a wrought-iron dining Table base, the Base is manufactured from wrought-iron, and is from a dining room. The Table as well made from wrought-iron, and is an enticing value for the market, this Table Base is produced of hard wood and is an unrivaled way for a new kitchen or for admirers who desire to spruce up their area with its simple and simple design. The black powder coating means that it won't let dust or dirt build up and theighter's contrast to your kitchen's black makes this is a valuable alternative for a breakfast or work room, this large dining Table is manufactured of metal and is coloured. It spacious and features a comfortable surface for your audience to sit, the Table is workable and straightforward to move around so you can have a modern look for your home. This be round dining Table glass top with metal Base dining Table is a sensational addition to your home, it offers a sleek design and is fabricated from durable wood material. It gives a large space for your dining Table and is moreover good for large groups, the metal Base means that this Table will last longer and effortless to clean.